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MacBook battery died, torrent progress lost


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I'm downloading a several GB torrent, and twice now my battery has died (computer completely shuts down, degrading battery), and each time I've lost significant progress on this one torrent - somehow, the file space is actually free again, even, and I've gone from 40% to 4% this most recent crash. When I start utorrent, I get a status message something along the lines of Error, files missing, recheck. When I do, I get that 4% number and the current conditions. Otherwise, things seem normal, although the uncompleted and (in some cases) unstarted files are where they should be. I suspect that the files that are back to 0% were being worked on at time of crash, and there was some corruption, but I'm no expert.

Is there any quick way to regain this progress, or will I have to stay turned on and plugged in for the duration?

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