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A torrent specific notepad where users can place notes about torrents.


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This would be another Tab located in the "Detailed Info" section of uTorrent. For each torrent you get basic info for trackers, peers, files, but sometimes some info can't be found in the torrent file and it isn't found in the data you download neither. This notepad would be designed to add important info that sometimes is included on the torrent's webpage where the torrent is downloaded from, although the note could be for any source in general. The info could be copied and pasted onto the notes tab or typed.

I personally used to use the sticky notes located on my Onenotes program, but it's becoming tedious to organize the info since I download alot of files. It'd be easier to find the note associated file in the same place the torrent is located. And when you delete the torrent file you could have the option to delete the note as well.

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