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Firewall Access Rules: What Does uTorrent Use?


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I have been all over the internet scouring and searching and hunting for all of what uTorrent does over a network. I have seen NUMEROUS posts on NUMEROUS boards that have conflicting information on what should open and what should be closed. I've been there done that when it comes to the simple rules that some people are using for their firewall for uTorrent. But I would rather know all the details. I don't like setting up generalized firewall rules and allowing programs do whatever they want on my network.

So what I would like is maybe someone from the development team of uTorrent to actually tell me the truth about what uTorrent uses rather than just incomplete speculations. And I'm hoping for lots of detail because at one point I had three or four ICMP Types and Codes allowed and the rest blocked. As well as very specific TCP and UDP rules.

Also I understand that some of the setting may affect the network activity. Also If possible I would like some of the uses for each rule/port explaind (Like the ICMP stuff and what is used for checking for updates and anonymous statistics, etc) Here are a few settings...

The following are Checked...

Update to Beta versions

Check for Updates automatically

Send Detailed info when checking for updates

Enable UDP tracker support

Ask tracker for scrape information

Enable peer exchange

Enable Web UI

Alternative listening port

The following are NOT checked...

Enable UPnP port mapping

Enable NAT-PMP port mapping

Randomize port each start

Limit local peer bandwidth

Allow incoming legacy connections

I'm not using a Proxy or VPN. I am using the latest Beta.I am using a static IP on my local network.

I know all this is a bit long winded but I was hoping someone would kind of demystify the network activity of uTorrent.

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