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Seed Until Replacement


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I would like to see a feature allowing me to continue seeding a torrent as long as I'm the only seed, regardless of my other seeding rules. If I download a torrent that's on it's last legs and wind up as only seed, I wait until the next guy in line completes the download before I stop the torrent. This requires me to pay more mind to the torrent than I would prefer because I don't want to seed it any longer than I have to to complete the task.

As a global rule it may not always work well because I sometimes get trackers that don't seem to show me the seeds that I know must be present, so the torrent would get stuck seeding, but being able to enable this feature for specific torrents would be practical. It could be as simple as counting seeds, or perhaps it could monitor the front runner and wait for it to complete, regardless of the seed count. The later method might make up for the problem I mentioned with trackers but would be complicated by the intermittency of connected peers.

Sorry if this feature has already been mentioned here, I didn't take the time to search for it because I'm going to bed and wanted to mention the idea before I forget. I don't remember it from the last time I checked here a month or so ago.


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