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Making Inactive Torrents Active?

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I have a whole bunch of Inactive download torrents.

Is there any way to make inactive torrents active? Or to prioritize the order of desired activity?

I see no "Refresh" or "Resume" command like in Frostwire.

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For a torrent to be active, it must have both "seeders" and "leechers"

Seeder=Peer with 100% complete files

Leecher=Peer with less then 100% complete files

If a torrent has no seeders and is inactive, the only way for it to become active is if a peer with 100% returns. You can try posting a reseed request on the tracker/website where you got the torrent, sometimes this will get you a seeder or two.

If your seeding an inactive torrent, don't give up because other peers may join at any time, and without users seeding the torrent it will die and no one can download it.


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