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How do I get my download speed column in uTorrent to be stable?


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This is rather embarrassing. Before, when I viewed my downloading and seeding files in uTorrent, the download speed column in uTorrent was very stable. It simply showed files in different stages of downloading and at different rates of download speed. It was a mixture. Some files were downloading quickly and others were downloading more slowly. Files seeding at the top and files downloading at the bottom and all very, very stable.

Very recently, however, I clicked on one of the column headers/titles in uTorrent, perhaps the download speed column top tab, in error and things changed. Now, everything seeding is at the bottom and everything downloading is at the top. Also, as the downloading speeds fluctuate, the order of the downloading torrents also changes. Basically, the order of the downloading torrents is not stable. Torrents keep moving up and down rapidly.

I want what I see to be stable. I want the order of the downloading torrents to stay the same no matter what the fluctuating speeds of the torrents. However, how do I do this? What do I click to achieve this? Any advice given is greatly appreciated.

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