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Browsers don't work when running torrent p2p


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A while ago, I was using uTorrent.

At one point after an update, I could not browse when uTorrent was running. IE, FF, Chrome, didn't matter. Just said no connection, although torrents were transferring with no dramas.

I rolled uTorrent back to an older version, and had no problems.

I can't remember the versions at the time.

Anyway, I tried the latest version of BitTorrent at the time, and had no problems.

Now BitTorrent has updated to 7.2, and now I have the same problem again.

Again though, I have rolled back to V 6.4, and have no problems.

Now I'm happy to just stay as it is, the old saying... if its not broke, dont fix it.

I just wanted to make mention of it to see if anyone has had the same problem and had a possible fix.



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