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uTorrent stops me browsing


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Can anyone help me figure out why whenever I have uTorrent open and downloading I am unable to open 90% of webpage on any browser?

I have messed about with my settings in utorrent until I'm blue in the face and nothing I have tried so far has seemed to work.

As soon as I close uTorrent I am able to browse the web as normal.

I'm currently running uTorrent 3.0 Alpha (build 24023) but the problem still exists with the standard release version (I only tried the alpha one to see if it helped)

My speedtest results


My settings as of now (I ran the speedtest [Ctrl+G] and am using the results given)

queueing.th.png connectiond.th.png bandwidth.th.png bittorrent.th.png

Running Windows 7.

Sorry if I need to provide more information but just ask and I will be happy to provide whatever is needed.

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