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Limitation indicator for Download & Upload speed


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It would be great to find a minimal way to show that the speed is being limited. (maybe some light grey writing or something )

I have spend 1h to search what i could be why my download was so slow.

Keep up the great great work!!

Is this consistent with what you guys are building?

PS: also would be nice to see the overall Leach / Seed ratio in the ration select element just next to the download speed.

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Am I wrong or is it really already in the betas?

It's even in the 1.0.2 beta on the buttom of the screen.

There are 3 Buttons in the lower toolbar on the buttom.

Overall Upload-Speedlimit

Overall Download-Speedlimit

Overall U/D-Ratio

I really don't know what you mean o.o

Or do you mean the per-torrent limit? You can ad a new column in the window by right-clicking the column bar and activating Up-Limit and/or Down-Limit

If it's not that, I really can't imagine what you mean :P


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