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"stop" not disconnecting from tracker


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I am not sure if the problem is with the client or with the tracker, but this is what happened:

I am seeding a torrent, but I want to stop (not pause) without removing the torrent. The tracker, however, is saying that I am still seeding. I highlight the torrent and the trackers tab shows the name of the tracker, "scrape ok" for *status*, nothing for *update in*, and a certain number of seeds and peers. The tracker column (with the rest of the torrents), however, is blank. right-click=>update tracker does not change anything.

If I understand correctly, bt.scrap_stopped will ask about the number of seeds/peers if set to true. I have never changed this setting, so it is still set to false.

To me this seems bad for two reasons: 1) It is a private tracker so I am limited to the number of torrents that I can be connected to and 2) I am not actually seeding but I appear as if I could to other people.

I try quitting uT. The tracker immediately shows that I am disconnected from all the torrents except for one of the torrents that was showing the behavior above. I restart uT and now the stubborn torrent shows nothing for *status* and no seeds/peers, but the tracker still thinks that I am seeding it. right-click=>update tracker and now the tracker shows that I am no longer seeding.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

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