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Connectivity problem


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Hey everyone I apologize for having my first post be one asking for help, but I am stuck on this one. It seems that whenever I open and begin running utorrent my connection switches from local and internet to local only. For some reason I am still able to search the internet (albeit much slower) and the downloads seem fine (even reach 300+) but uploads are completely cut off (I have to seed as well). I have read all the posts pertaining to firewalls and have tried them all. I have Avast (could that be it? I have heard it causes some problems) and a firewall that I will soon be changing. But I have disabled the firewall to test this and that is not the issue.

I have disabled IPv6 as well as many other things and made certain that this issue was not Vista (as I know the local only problem is common), however this instance occurs strictly when I open the latest version of utorrent. As soon as I close utorrent local and internet returns. If anyone has any ideas on what could be happening I would be grateful. Networks,connections, ports, etc are not my strong suit at all and would greatly appreciate any help I can get.

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