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Green Light but Slow Download Speed


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Hi there. Im a "Newbie" here on utorrent and have a couple of questions regarding slow speeds etc.

Got a macbook pro and downloaded utorrent because a friend recommended it so I could download music and films etc.

I have a green light but the download speed still seems to be fairly slow.

Havent got a clue about port forwarding or seeds/peers or anything.

Any help help would be much appreciated.


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By the way I have 20mg broadband so it should be going super quick right?

There is 35 seeds connected out of a possible 1700

16 peers out of a possible 5100

My upload speed is set to 10kb and download to unlimited.

At the moment, im downloading an 800 meg file. And its speed varies from 90kb to 170 kb/s Is this how it should be?

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