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Netgear RP614v3


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uTorrent 2.2 itself works fine. :-)

BUT :-( as I recently decided to use the RP614v3 to connect 3 more PCs on my 100/10 Mbit connection the following thing happens:

I start and run uTorrent properly and I browse (Opera or IE8) at the same time - no problem. I stop or pause the torrent AND I cannot browse anymore properly - everything becomes very slow. I continue the torrent AND browsing goes on as well. I stop the torrent and close uTorrent AND browsing stucks until I refresh the configuration in the router-setup. The other PCs on the router are affected as well by this connection trouble.

When I connect the modem (Ubee EVM3200) directly to my PC everything works perfectly. I tried different router configurations in WAN and LAN setup but the behaviour won't change. Without uTorrent running browsing works normal with the router connected.

So what the ... heck is going on here?! That's tedious! Thanks for any suggestion.

System: XP SP3 or SP2 on all PCs.

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