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Intermittent slowdowns


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Sometimes I get 2.0MB/s, and at others 2KB/s.. right now I have been getting 20-45KB/s for hours off a swarm that should easily cap out at 2.0MB/s and I'm trying to figure out why.

Disabled Windows Firewall

Disabled Windows Defender

Set DMZplus on the Uverse router to allow all traffic and bypass its built-in firewall

Changed utorrent port from 27,000ish to over 45,000 at the recommendation of a torrent-pro friend (not sure how this helps)

Signal Strength "Excellent"

I think it may be this cheap wireless USB dongle I'm using? It says it supports up to 100Mbits and I have all the latest drivers, its wireless-N. But... the last dongle I had was even cheaper and was wireless-G and I had similar but even worse problems with it until I "upgraded" to this N version... but it can't REMAIN at good speed its very sporadic.

Is there a way to fundementally CHANGE the network traffic? Like instead of having it deal with multiple peer/seed connections can I filter it all through 1 data stream somehow making it friendly to crappy routers and crappy dongles?

I know in the past some of these freebie cable modems can't handle more than say 50 simultaneous connections so my guess is something similar is going on here.

My web-browsing is not laggy, my throuput tests on speedtest.net are perfectly fine so this is specifically a UTORRENT ONLY issue!

Here's a shot of my settings:


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my college have filters which restrict utorrent downloading speed....

Is thr any software which could help me in...

msg displays lyk this:

You are about to access the Internet from the Lovely Professional University Network



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You may be able to circumvent them temporarily using a different client, but they will always find you eventually.

I was able to bypass the stuff they had at my university by using Morpheus and also binaries from newsgroups and over IRC. But a month or two later they showed a 50+ page stack of my logs to my boss and she fired me haha.. was just a student job at the school so not a big deal.

If your university is like most they have a Computer Science program and it is their JOB to teach those students how to monitor you, and prevent you from using network traffic that they don't want you to. I say go ahead and bypass it somehow, you will be teaching them!

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