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Log Connection Graph to Hard Drive

Slug Warrior

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Could we please get the connection graph data from uTorrent logged to a hard drive file for later reviewing?

I am very interested in seeing what my connection has been doing while I am away, as far as uploading. With the graph data, I can obviously only see back in time to however many data points the screen image will allow, which is a short time period.

I would like a setting to log this data to a hard drive file. For instance, we could set the file to record a certain number of days worth of connection data, like a 5 day recording period.

With this data we could even do more interesting things.

The data would allow us to make assumptions based on trends, like when certain torrents are uploading most, if any patterns are to develop and etc. Or it may just be another means of analyzing our own internet connection's quality.

This would just be a neat final feature, and I think it would make the program that much more interesting.


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