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WebUI "right click" menu problem


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I am having a problem with one of my PCs while accessing the WebUI.

I have uTorrent running on a WHS and use the WebUI to acees and control it. It has worked great for years. Recently when I try to right click a running torrent and choose any of the options with a black arrow as soon as my cursor leaves the text any flyout menu disappears. For example when I hover over "Remove and" a fly out menu appears with "Delete torrent", "Delete torrent+data" and "Delete Data" but as soon as my cursor moves 1 pixel off of the text "Remove and" the fly out menu disappears. Its the same for "Label." It only happens on my main desktop PC, my laptop works normally, and my work desktop works as it should. All three computers are Win7 Pro x64 and I am using IE8 to access http://server:port#/gui/. I have reset all my IE settings to defaults, cleared any and all cookies, history, etc. and rebooted the computer. It only seems to affect IE on one computer, from Chrome it works fine.

Any Ideas?

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