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Setting up directories


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So, when my torrents finish downloading I want them to go to a specific folder -- the contents of the torrent, I want to separate the bittorrent .torrent from the actual contents and still be able to seed.

What I have done is created a folder in the download location labeled Completed Torrents, I went to preferences, directories, under the "location of .torrents" I checked the "store .torrents to" to the folder I want the contents moved to, that moved the actual .torrent file to that folder and my seeds kept going red. As I type this I see why, duh, it's .torrent and I want the contents moved.

Now I have changed it back to the way it was before and under the "Location of downloaded files" I checked the box "move completed downloads" and have specified the new folder. My question is will this work? And still seed? Also, what does append torrent labels mean?

Please help :)

My downloaded location has many folders, .torrents, etc.... It's very unorganized.... OCD is in high gear now!

I'm running windows 7

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