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I know this has come up before, but none of the answers I could find through Google were helpful.

My middle-aged eyes need a larger font for my list of torrents. I'd also like to use Courier New sometimes when checking whether a font name has double spaces between letters, so that I can see whether two torrents have the same file with slightly different naming.

Change my Windows font size (yes, a global change) - uTorrent stays the same.

Change my fonts through msdig and changing other fonts in registry - uTorrent stays the same size _and_ the same ugly sans serif font, while everything else in Windows seems to change.

DPI is corrent for my aspect ratio, resolution is right for the size of my screen.

I do like the client, and would prefer to keep using it, but the eyestrain issue may eventually make a change necessary.

Is there no relief for us dinosaurs?

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