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[Q] RSS troubles


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After inputting all the required info for torrents to auto-download, only some of them do, and when they do it is pretty rare. Here is an example from eastbound and down i have made. You will see that one torrent is queued, while the others don't do a thing. It seems that with a lot of feeds, utorrent picks s01e02,s02e02,s**e** instead of the 1x1, 1x2, and *x* torrents. This puzzles me, since I put 1x1-15 or whatever that season may call for, but it utorrent still decides to go with the s06e13 for some reason. Would anyone mind taking a quick look over my setup to see what I have done wrong?



This is of course not the only feed which I'm having trouble with. While even without the auto-downloading, feeds make life so much simpler, but it would be quite a treat to get utorrent working at full capacity so I can lay back and relax at maximum laziness while my computer does everything for me, which is just what these robots should be doing! haha

Thank you, and if you need more screenshots or anything at all, possibly of other feeds, just let me know as I'm more than willing to help you help me lol

Also a little off topic, but if anyone knows of any humorous comedy shows I'd love to hear about them (if you don't like eastbound and down don't think we wont like the same things as I've never even seen the program yet). Here's most of the comedies I enjoy:

30 Rock

American Dad


Arrested Development

Beavis and Butthead


Chappelle's Show

Check It Out With Dr. Steve Brule

Children's Hospital

Comedy Central Presents (not those hicks)


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Everybody Hates Chris (meh)

Family Guy


How I Met Your Mother

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Little Mosque on the Prairie



Mr. Sunshine


Parks and Recreation

Real Time With Bill Maher

Regular Show

Reno 911

Robot Chicken



Shit My Dad Says (meh)


Sons & Daughters

South Park

The Colbert Report

The Big Bang Theory

The Boondocks

The League

The Office


Traffic Light

The Simpsons

Upright Citizens Brigade

There are more of course, plus recent series I've downloaded and not yet watched, I just don't have them all memorized. Also, my guilty pleasure show is Dr.Phil (I'm a guy). So yeah if you can help me out with my utorrent troubles or recommend me some comedies then I was be very grateful! Thanks so much :D

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