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More Than 1 Seed Showing When I Am Only Seeder


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Hi, just a quick question I hope someone might be able to answer, not a problem its just bugging me. I have just uploaded a new torrent of around 700mb, there are over 500 peers in the swarm, I have a fairly modest upload speed, swarm is moving up steadily and at around 40%. Thing is the number of seeds displaying has just gone from from 0 (1) [which is of course me] to 0(2) and then 0 (6). I'm wondering how this can be, when I am still the only seeder. I know they are not seeds from other trackers as the file is original and no one else has it. How is this? Just a tracker error thinking peers are seeds, utorrent bug or something else? Appreciate any info as I'm curious to know. Cheers.

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