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Question about seeding if I move the d/l files to external (or delete)


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Hi, I'm relatively new to Utorrent (any torrents actually LOL) & even after reading the FAQ, beginner guide, browsing the forum, even SEARCHING, I still have some questions!

As I really want to be a good seeder, my question has 2 parts:

For my currently downloading & seeding torrents, once the files have all downloaded & torrent is seeding, can I move the files (music, movies, etc.) from their download location (which is my "Downloads" folder currently) to burn to disk, store on my external drive or whatever - & still leave the torrent to continue seeding?? I am trying to leave them for as LONG as possible - I have some with an upload ratio of over 10 right now; one even over 15! But they cant stay there forever, ya know? At some point I will run out of hard drive space & stuff will have to get filed on my external drive.

Also, what is considered a target ratio of seeding to reach?? Obviously I will continue to leave them as long as possible, but would like to know what would be appropriately considerate of others to keep the torrents active.

The 2nd part of my question has to do with former torrents I downloaded. So here's "confession" time - when a friend first turned me on to Utorrent, he did not explain the concept of seeding so I really did not know about it. Installed the program & the first time I double-clicked a torrent file I had, viola! Up pops Utorrent & off it went, downloading away! It was pretty self-explanitory for the basics, so I didn't READ much into it. After those first torrents were completed, I moved them & deleted the torrent from Utorrent, but now that I know what a BAD, BAD leecher I was (go ahead & slap my hand), I would like to correct that somehow, if I can! I recently extracted my files from my old crashed computer & the torrents are still there. SOOOO, is there a way I can load the torrents & SEED them without having to re-download the files??

I'm not even sure I'd be able to FIND the exact folders the stuff is in. I rename folders & file everything meticulously by category, artist, author, genre, etc. Book collections will be spread out in different folders, some things I didn't need would have been deleted. Those I guess are hopeless. But for the things I CAN find that I do have, can I move the folder back to "downloads" & re-load the torrent even if the folder name is different? (or re-direct the torrent to download to the folders' current location?) - will the torrent "recognize" it's associated files in the folder by a different name??? Or am I just screwed & considered a 'bad seed' forever?? :) (It'll NEVER happen again, I PROMISE!!)

Any help or advice here would be GREATLY appreciated! I'm still confused by the terminology & HOW this concept of torrents works, BUT I'm trying to DO it correctly by seeding - that's why I've left this latest batch seeding for WEEKS! Tho I know at some point, my hard drive will need some relief & I'll have to move things to my external. I really do want to get a grasp on it tho so that I can then make some torrents to share MY stuff! :)

Thanks all!


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I don't exactly understand your 1st question, I mean if u have to move a file then move it to wherever u want, whats stopping you ? and NO you cannot keep seeding if you have moved the file unless you reset the download location of that file in utorrent...and this is connected to your 2nd question...

If you want to seed stuff that you have downloaded, u dont need to download that stuff again, all you need is the .torrent files that you used to download the stuff, double click on the torrent file and utorrent will pop up asking you where you want to download the file, set the location to where this file already is on your harddisk ( even if you dont have enough free space on this drive now and utorrent warns you of low space, just continue) utorrent will recognize that the exact file that you are trying to download already exists in the location that you have choosen, it will start checking the file, once file check reaches 100% you are done, and now you are seeding that file again without the need to download it again....hope that clears it up for you.

and there really is no target ratio, the MINIMUM that you should aim for is 1:1 ( some private trackers require more)but ideally everyone should seed for as long as they possibly can

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THANK YOU krazy_kh for your input & help!! And yes, you basically answered my questions. Only thing I'm not sure about now is Utorrent recognizing the torrent's files when I've changed folder names. But I'm going to experiment with a few folders that I've located on my external drive that I KNOW came from torrents. So we shall see. As soon as I clear out some of the stuff that's seeding now (like anything that's already over a 10 ratio), I'll start on those old torrents already downloaded that I may not have seeded amply enough. Cant hurt to at least TRY!

I've already tried reloading torrents that I had in Utorrent on my old computer at the time it crashed. I was able to salvage my "download" folder so I followed the instructions on restarting those & all rechecked & restarted downloading.. Of course, those torrents seem to be "dead in the water", but I selected "initial seeding" for all of them, so we will just see what happens...... :) I'm pretty patient, in that respect anyway, so once they at least start downloading, I'm likely to leave them there forever to see if they will EVER finish! LOL

It just really sucks to start a torrent & see the "Available" amount at something like .06 so mine only downloads 6% & just stalls there. But I cant very well get all upset at others for not seeding properly when "once upon a time" I didn't know any better & didn't make sure to seed properly either! :(

BUT, now that I know I can access the files, burn them, or whatever, WHILE they are seeding, I'm perfectly OK to leave them there for as LONG as possible. I used to be scared to even OPEN a finished download folder while it was seeding! But my nieces were listening to some childrens music & watching the Wizard of Oz I d/l for them & all was fine; only problem was when one of them accidently clicked & dragged one folder into another - OOPS! Just had to find it & move it back & the torrent error message went away! LOL

So thank you again for all your help & advice!!


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