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Downloads & Upolads no longer work


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My ISP is AT&T UVERSE and I'm running Windows 7. I have been using uTorrent successfully for several years up until a few days ago. Now all of a sudden no download or upload transfers occur at all. I've done the Bandwidth and Network tests in Options->Setup Guide and they were both successful. I'm also seeing the seeders & leachers & 350 trackers listed as normal and the status indicates downloading. However, nothing ever transfers either direction. I tried this on two separate computers that were previously working fine with the same bad results, so I updated and reinstalled uTorrent itself to no avail. I then reset the ISP-supplied modem with the same bad end results. All other Internet activities seem to work fine.

I first suspected that AT&T UVERSE had started blocking torrents so I called their tech support line. What a joke that was. They claimed that nothing had changed on their end but I soon realized that their first line support personnel don't have enough brains to wipe their own butts. They volunteered to pass me on to their "specialists", but that I would have to pay. I thought that's part of what I was paying for in my monthly bill but I was obvioulsy wrong.

So, my main question is how do I go about troubleshooting this problem? Is there a way I can determine if the ISP is actually blocking torrents? What do you recommend to resolve this issue?



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