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Completed download file moving bugs 3.0-24733


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I'm using the Linux version of utserver, 3.0-24733

There is something weird going on with the option 'move completed download to'. Everything seems OK when you download the .torrent file first, and then upload the file manually to the web interface. I've tested all the below by using the 'Torrent URL:' option when adding new torrents. I think all problems are related, maybe even without the URL option.

My paths are set as follows:

Put new downloads in: /opt/downloads/

Move completed downloads to: /home/username/completed/

When a multifile torrent completes, all results are moved to the directory: /home/username/completed/downloads

For some reason 'downloads' is stripped of the 'new downloads' directory and added to the 'move completed downloads' directory. I would expect the files to be moved to: /home/username/completed

(with an older version of userver, the complete downloads directory was moved to /home/username/completed and so leaving all running torrents broken, but that seems to be fixed in 24733)

Furthermore, when I set the option 'Append the Torrent's label' another problem starts occuring. I've set the paths:

Put new downloads in: /opt/downloads/

Move completed downloads to: /home/username/

And I use the labels: 'Music' and 'Videos'

Now when a Music labelled torrent finishes it is moved to: /home/username/Music/downloads which should have been /home/username/Music

Now when subsequently a Videos labelled torrent finishes it is also moved to /home/username/Music/downloads instead of the expected /home/username/Videos

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