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This is stupid but I need help!


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In the past day or two, I am learning how to use uTorrent correctly.

I wanted to try accessing it from the web and installed version 3.0.alpa.

I remember, it asking me under the 'WEB' tab in the Preferences area my name and password that I wished to use.

But it also asked me a security question!

My question was 'where are the bodies hidden?

I was so tired that I just put something totally stupid and sarcastic in the field.

Of course, this morning, still with no sleep, I go try and use the function and up pops the security question.

I thought I type, 'Look under the bed' as an answer, but it was wrong.

However, there doesn't seem to be a way of retrieving a bad answer and correcting the informaton..

Is there a way to at least reset this function and erase all the parameters and next time I won't be as tired and not stupid either!



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