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µTorrent 1.1.5


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This release brings proxy support, experimental ipfilter.dat support (see the Settings section of the FAQ for details), new icons and many new features and fixes. It's available from teh download section or through the application's builtin auto-update feature.

- Feature: Base the ETA value on the actual size.

- Feature: Show the total size and skipped size in the generals tab.

- Fix: If download speed below [ ] limit upload to [ ] used bytes/s instead of kB/s.

- Feature: Added queued status icons.

- Feature: Added Clear Logger / Verbose option.

- Change: Changed timeout before retrying a peer.

- Feature: Added a couple of new menu hotkeys in main window.

- Feature: Changed telia.com and bredband.com flags into swedish.

- Fix: Possibly fixed the opendialog crash bug.

- Change: New Icon (thanks BloodStainedHurricane)

- Change: New toolbar/status icons (thanks DrLamok)

- Fix: Print all three connected/in-list/scrape values on the generals tab.

- Feature: Added option to create private torrents.

- Feature: If a language file is present, startup uTorrent with the system language (if available)

- Feature: Added 'Hacker' translation

- Fix: Load torrents from the autoload folder when uTorrent starts.

- Feature: Added option to close file handles every minute. Might lower windows's file cache.

- Fix: Don't show 100% if torrent is not fully downloaded (rounding error).

- Feature: Experimental support for ipfilter.dat

- Fix: Fixed crash bug when loading torrents.

- Feature: Added option to order downloads.

- Feature: Support for Socks4, Socks5, HTTP, and HTTPS proxys.

- Change: Changed default value for cpu_mode and slow connects to true.

- Fix: If switching to unlimited download speed, it would temporarily set download speed to zero.

- Fix: Changed to work with some buggy trackers that don't support :80 in the Host field.

- Change: Don't default open file name dialog to last filename.

- Change: Add with No Default Save doesn't default to download location.

- Feature: Added option to notify the user when a download is complete.

- Fix: Half open connection counter could count wrong.

- Change: Show scrape peers/seeds in main list.

- Fix: Remove spaces from base directory name.

- Feature: Support HTTP 302 Found.

- Fix: German flag color was broken.

- Fix: Fix problem with autoupdater. If the old process was still running, it would show an empty error message.

- Feature: Detect more peer ids: Burst!, G3, bitcomet < 0.59

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