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Installation window pops up every time program is started


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After first installation/upgrade the program interface runs fine for the first time, but only once. Then, every time I restart the program using the desktop shortcut, the installation window pops up. After selecting all the settings when I press install button nothing happens (no matter how many times I press install). If i close/cancel the windows and press restart the program again, the installation windows pops up again, but the program doesn't run. i ran the program in administrator mode, and my windows user account is administrator account anyway. please fix the bug asap, or give a solution/workaround if I need any. i found the bug in both 32-bit (beta) and 64-bit (trail) versions of utorrent v3, so I'm reporting in both forum threads. [FYI, I use Windows 7 ultimate x64 with 4GB RAM.]

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