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Can't bring up Tab Context Menu w/RC (3.0 Beta b25220)


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Small bug, but had me in a "small" rage until I discovered it completely by mistake.

Noticed the awesome speed graph missing (Why they're not all just shown by default is a great question) and first thing I tried was right-clicking along the empty bar where the tabs are located, but not ON a tab.

Nothing. No mention of the missing tabs under Options menu or Preferences, so I was worried at first.

Long story short, the lower say 30% of the empty bar does not seem to register the right-click. If you move up closer to the list of torrents, no problems. But move closer to the tabs, it does nada! Only reason I found it was I went crazy right-clicking everywhere at random and it appeared.

Right-clicking anywhere on an actual tab, will bring up the appropriate context menu with options to once again display all the tabs.

Windows 7 32-bit

µTorrent Maxmized

Resolution: 1920 x 1020

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