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UTorrent yellow to green connection (Vista)


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I've read about every thread but none has solved my issue.

I used a Linksys router WTG54G now a Netgear Wireless. Both have had the same issue. Ports forwarded. Used canyouseeme.org, The Utorrent port checker and another port checker. the port is open.

No antivirus is used, have IPV4 and IPV6 as I use Windows Vista. Set a static IP. tried to enable UPNP then tried disabling it. disabled NAT PMP in netgear. But again had this issue since I restored this computer two weeks ago.

Using UTorrent 2.2 upgraded from 1.8.5 which still had the same issues. Both being I get good D/L speeds but little to none U/p'ing speeds.

It will go from green to yellow on it's own. upload speeds are insanely low. Did not have this issue before the computer crashed (due to power failure issues, from the circuit box issue that is now fixed)

I have tried everything I've read and tried to install xp on this machine. xp will not detect the HDD being SATA. am stuck at this point and UTorrent is unusable.

Need some help with this issue to resolve it and go about my activities.


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