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uTorrent 2.2.1 uTorrent main window stays on top - Windows 7


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I have a problem that the uTorrent main application window stays on top when I try to cycle to a different application using a mouse click on another running programs icon in the Windows taskbar.

I.e if I have used Internet Explorer 9 and clicked Open on a torrent file on a web page, Windows activates the uTorrent window with the Save As dialog - I click OK and the torrent starts to download, then I use the Windows toolbar to activate the Web browser again by clicking on the IE icon.

I would expect the IE window to become topmost / in the foreground on my desktop, but the uTorrent application window stays on top.

The OS I am running is Windows 7 x64 with all windows updates to date.

I have found a work-around for my problem by changing the properties for the uTorrent application shortcut to set it to run in Windows XP SP3 compatible mode. Then the switching between applications work as it is supposed to do.

Would be nice if this will be fixed in the near future though...



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