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Automatic Load Torrent and Pre-allocate


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I screwed the pooch and lost 2500 torrents I was seeding. I saw the nifty little "Load torrents from" tool so I thought I would use it and all my problems would be solved.

All my file paths have changed and I have had to move a lot of files to different drives as I ran out of another T, so repointing 2500 files was going to be quite the task.

This is not the problem.

I have been storing my torrent files in one location for many many years, there are thousands and thousands of dead links in that file, so when I reloaded the file it added everything and caused major mayhem. Since they were all loaded at one time there is no way to tell what is new and what is old.

So I started over, however.... (sorry it took so long to get to the point)

I had preallocated check and now my drives are full of files with no data, but because of the size of the drives and the number of files I have no idea what is real and what is empty, other than manual, which will take the rest of my life.

Any thoughtful ideas on how to filter the empty files out? the big issues is music and I have to enter every file, click the song and make sure it plays, I am just sampling so I do not check every song in every file, but this is still very time consuming and frustrating. 17,000 albums (7000 of which are fake/empty) will take me forever.

Thank you for helping me with my ritardation

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I can't help you with uTorrent but you might try a demo from Size Explorer. It is a great tool to clean up your discs and it should be able to find the dead files.


I can empathize with you. I have around 4,000 CD's and keeping them straight and organized id a full...part time job. I've learned just to delete dead files or put them on a separate disc with other potential junk. I'm moving into an 9 disc JBOD server to better handle the data and backups.


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