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I/O error:13


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I just got the 3.0 beta and I've had two successful downloads and on my third download I've received multiple I/O errors making me do a recheck each time and getting slightly farther with each check.

The IO errors are:

[2011-04-23 20:13:28] IO Error:13 line:162 align:-99 pos:526583707 count:63589 actual:-99

[2011-04-23 20:02:49] IO Error:13 line:162 align:-99 pos:649068544 count:36744 actual:-99

It says this:

[2011-04-23 20:11:26] ReadFile error: (file name):649068544:36744:262144:19


[2011-04-23 20:02:49] Error: (torrent name) - The data is invalid.

But I only have one have one hash fail and very little wasted data in contrast to the file size

Any ideas?

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