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I got a few questions about streaming.

First of all, when I choose to stream a video file via uTorrent, what exactly is different? It won't download pieces at random, but downloads them in order? But if I don't choose to stream, it won't do it?

Could an option be added to always download pieces in correct order, so streaming would start instantly when the download is like 20% done?

The reason I ask for this is because I have a 1mbit connection. A 40minute video will download around 60minutes for me. I can't instantly choose stream and start watching, but if I choose to start watching when the download is at say 30%, the pieces downloaded can be from the end of the file - so still a lot of waiting for me.

Second question:

Can't utorrent detect downloadable videos lenght? Because when one chooses to stream, the streaming should only start when lenght > ETA. It started too early for me. Again, while most people don't care, some of us are still stuck with 1mbit connection or less.

Thank you. I hope I'm heard.

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It tries to pick pieces in order, but doesn't guarantee that it'll only download pieces in sequential order.

Having streaming be automatic is an automatic way to make swarms much likelier to die early. So no.

Videos can have variable bitrates. So no, it can't tell how much of a video it's gotten.

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