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Hi Guys,

I was wondering if there is updated documentation on web api. There is one thread which is pretty good and I used that when wrote Torrent Buddy (for windows phone 7). But now as uTorrent 3.0 have added bunch of functionality and I see WebUI also supported many features, was wondering if there is any documentation so that I can add additional functionality to Torrent Buddy.



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Thanks ultima. Can you point me to the doc which comes with uTorrent server (frankly I am not even sure what utorrent server is)?

Also, just looking at the data thru fiddler, I noticed that now the list=1 command return not only torrents but rss feeds and filter data as well. This is lot of data everytime my add will start. Is there some option in query string which I can pass so that it doesn't send rss feeds & filter data and later when I need, I can get just that?


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