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100% Disk Overload

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I've never gotten this before until recently when I updated my client to version 2.2.1. In the recent past I could hit speeds of 2mbps and never get this message, but now all I could manage is a measly 120kbps download speed and the message pops out. I've tried to change it back to 2.2, but apparently the problem now persists. I've tried setting the manual override of the disk cache to the maximum 1800 MB but all uTorrent does is to gobble every single megabyte out and tell me the same message again. Is something wrong? uTorrent has never ever exceeded 40MB of RAM in any of the previous versions that I've used, and now it's going RAM hungry. How is this light?

EDIT: Oh shoot. Wrong forum. This should be in the Windows troubleshooting area. Forum mods please help me move this?

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