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Very odd torrent adding problem

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So I have a NAS drive (WD MBWE) which has been mounted to a box running Xubuntu 11.04. The mounts are coming up okay. Here is the file structure of the mount:

INCOMPLETE Downloads are stored here: /mnt/HoffNet/Downloads/_incomplete

COMPLETED Downloads are sent here: /mnt/HoffNet/Downloads

.TORRENT files are sent here: /mnt/HoffNet/Downloads/_torrents

**Note: The /mnt/HoffNet/ and /mnt/HoffNet/Downloads folder was created LOCALLY on the Xubuntu machine first BEFORE mount, and chmod 777 was run. The _incomplete & _torrents folders had a chmod 777 command issued via the NAS (ssh)**

uTorrent server v3.0 is configured as such. Now, when I try and add a torrent from another PC on the network (Windows 7) it says "Unable to add torrent". However, the .torrent file DOES appear in the _torrents folder on the NAS. If I uncheck the "Store .torrents in:" option, restart the server, I can add a torrent, however the .torrent file is now in the default dir (same dir as utserver) and the torrent only downloads for maybe 15 secs and then displays "Error:??" in status. I was able to get about 650KB downloaded from the test torrent before I did a "Force Start" which enabled the torrent again for another 15-20 secs and I was about to get 1.8MB done before it returned the "Error:??" status again and shut down.

Any ideas why I can't, first of all, add the torrent when I have "Store .torrents in:" option checked (even though it's adding the torrent file just fine into the NAS directory) and secondly, why I keep getting "Error:??" statuses when I do end up being able to download for maybe 15-20 secs (after I uncheck the "Store .torrents in:" option)?

I'm not sure if this is a Samba or a mounting issue on the Xubuntu box, or if it's an issue with utserver.

Any help would be great! Thanks. :)

**EDIT: Checked logger, found this error:

[02:02:12] JS error: [807] Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '262' of null

Permissions??? hmm...

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