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bad upload speeds after upgrading speed 60/6 cable


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this is now my speed 60/6. it was 25/2.

my problem is not dl but upload. these are my settings:

global upload 0

global dl 0

global max number connections 400

max number of connected peers per torrent 70

number of upload slots per torrent 15

max number of active torrents 15

max number of active dls 10

bt.transp_dispostion 255

net.max_halfopen 50

UPnP not checked

dht enabled

protocal encryption enabled

allow incoming connections checked

are these correct?

checked my speed with various tests and are correct.

when i was on 25/2 i was able to max out my up load, can not get close to it now.

i have win 7 64 bit

modem is the motorolla sb6120

hope someone can help.

sorry if in wrong section, thanks

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