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Same torrent different speeds


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Different PC

Same time

Same torrent

Same connection

Same settings

Both have strong wifi connectivity

Different speed!

Strange thing is that other clients get higher speeds. It seems utorrent is trying to work but after a few min as it starts getting up to speed it will drop to almost nothing and then hold at around 20kbps. The other computer floats along at about 130kpps.

The slow computer is the one that ive just done a fresh install on, its newer and much more powerful

Is there anyone who knows whats going on here?

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Network light is green

Upload limit 0

Connections per torrent 100

upload slots 6

connections global 450

Max active torrents 5

net.max_halfopen 4

Windows 7 x64

No security installed

Router is Netcomm N150


Connection is ADSL2+

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