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Recently my download and upload speeds have dropped dramatically. I had usually been downloading at over 1MBps and usually have my upload limited to 100KBps. Recently though my download speed struggles to get above 30KBps and my uploads are usually less than 10KBps. I have been searching through the forum and have tried every trouble shooting guide and ensured that I am properly configured. I seen that other people with what I thought was a similar problem found some success in changing their uTP settings, I tried this and got an initial increase in speed for a short time but it quickly fell again back to the same pathetic levels. I have run tests on glasnost and my ISP does not throttle bandwidth.

From what I've seen elsewhere in this forum, I'm expecting to be pointed (unhelpfully) in the direction of the "Speed Issues" thread immediately. I know I'm supposed to write a list of everything I've tried and what my current settings are... please take my word that I have literally followed every step to a T, however I have been doing this at different times throughout the week and am at the stage where I'll be forced to beat my computer to death with my bare hands should I be forced to retry every step just to make a note of what I've tried. I will provide information I have at hand.

Running Windows XP sp3

ISP is O2, ADSL, router is O2 Wireless Box II

I use AVG Anti-Virus

My uTorrent settings are currently the default settings. (I have tried all recommended settings) Connection status is green.

Speed guide gives my upload as 996.1kbps, download 13.8mbps

Port is open and correctly configured.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Hey Chris !

Since no one helped you out yet, I'll just give it a go - although you most definitely know more about Utorrent than me, where I registered to this site today =)

Here are a few things you could try and which you maybe haven't checked already:

1.) I would try to see if NORMAL HTTP direct downloads are at maximum speed. If they are also slow, well then the issue is independant of Utorrent.

2.) Check your running programs which might download in the background. There might be an application that is constantly downloading a program/update thus is causing the slow speed, Because the download is corrupt for some or other reason, it restarts that download everytime thus creating a endless download loop.

3.) If your machine and router are running 24/7 (all the time) I suggest you RESTART or RESET them both. Before you do that, do a normal disk cleanup with a free utility like "AFT CLEANER" and the following : Go to Start, then "Run", then type CMD and press enter, then at the command prompt window enter or copy the following line without quotes: "ipconfig /release&ipconfig /renew&ipconfig /flushdns&ipconfig /registerdns". Then, access your router and "restart" it. If necessary, restart your PC as well.

4.) You said you limit your download speed to 100KBps ? How do you limit it ? Is that limit controlled by the router or a program installed onto your PC ? Maybe you could try to disable the program and see if that works better ? If the program is corrupt, removing the limit would not solve the program.

5.) If you know how your router works, try to get it to change your IP address. Normally, the IP address is assigned and saved by the router so each device connected to it will always have the same IP address. This IP address is independant of that which the ISP will give you i.e the address you have on the web.

6.) The next step would be optional and might not work in your situation : I for example have more than one machine - My point here is to test the download speed on another different machine, connected to the same router. If the speed is slow with that 30KBps on a different machine the same way it is on your machine, then the issue lies between your router and the ISP.

7.) As a last resort I would go for a router RESET to factory, but not recommended.Along with this comes a router BIOS update. In any of the two choices here, I would recommend to "save your current settings" before you go for a reset or a BIOS update.

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