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MythBusters S09E07 Spy Car 2 720p HDTV x264-DHD

FILTER: /^mythbusters.*s[0-9][0-9]e[0-9][0-9].*(720p|x264).*/i

EXCLUDE: /(s0[0-9]e0[0-7])/i

Would this work in utorrent?

Basically download only highdef, only episodes not whole season pack, and nothing before s09e07.

Didn't want to bother with setting everything up again and just gonna copy all the settings from other torrent client.

Also, anyone got any idea how to prevent an old episode being downloaded?

I've added the exclude just for the hell of it, but still in a month even s09e08 will be old and my "NOT Filter" won't exclude it.

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