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Seeding help! Sufficient seed number to quit seeding?


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Hey guys. I'm kind of a noob as far as utorrent and I had a quick ?. I am a big downloader and I want to give back and keep seeds alive, especially those with very little life. But since i download so much I must move lots of files to an external hard drive and clean up my download folder. I wanted to know at what number of seeds is it okay to stop seeding a file. Right now I use the number 50 before i quit seeding (meaning I will seed some files for months and months and months). Is this number sufficient or should I keep them around longer? My main concern is when I find something very rare and am SO thankful that someone had it, and I would hate for someone to be looking for something that they cannot get because people quit seeding the file. Help me out! any info would help. Thanks much!

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