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help Downloading a single file from a bunch of files ...


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Hey !!

I am downloading a file of size 47 mb .. there are a total of 50 files. ..

I have select the option 'Don't download' for the other files .. and only one is left for download that i want to download ..

now this is the problem ::

in the general tab of the torrent i am getting download speed and it is showing that i have also downloaded 7.45 mb .. and it is also showing that it is 14.5% done ..

but when i go to the files sections , the file that i want to download is showing 8.3 % done ... And also every other file is 0 % ...

the files tab, the file i want to download is showing two small green bars and one small blue bar in the pieces tab ...

My question is where is the rest of download gone i.e. 14.5-8.3=6.2% ...

and what does those green bars signify ???

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