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BT Guard just worthless or is it me?


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First 2 or 3 days everything was okay. Not great speed but I was satisfied. Now the last 7 days my speed rarely breaks out of the teens (kb's), and for the most part under 10kbs, regardless of seeds/peers.

So I decided to run 6 at the same time to make up for terrible speed and all it does is crash my network adapter and states "bad protocol version". I mean really, if your IP is exposed for even a brief second BT Guard is worthless imo, what's the point.

Another observation. If I leave my computer idle it barely downloads anything. I'll watch a movie and after an hour check on utorrent just to see .02kbs and ithen they jump to 8-10kbs iwhen the window is active. I'll leave it running over night and get maybe 1% progress if I'm lucky.

I like the idea but this is unacceptable to me. It's also been driving me mad.

WTF is the deal?:mad:

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