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Crashing/freezing problem.


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Randomly, my computer's graphics driver would crash, locking everything up and making my screen flash black a couple times before "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" would show up in a balloon in corner. Unfortunately, it would just keep looping like that until I did a hard reset.

After looking around for a few hours, I just bit the bullet and bought a new graphics card, switching from NVIDIA to an ATI card. Installed it, opened up uTorrent, and now everything is freezing again like it was before. It doesn't tell me my driver has stopped like it was before, but it is otherwise the same problem I was having in every way.

This doesn't seem to happen if I open up uTorrent with nothing loaded in it and just let it sit. As soon as I add a torrent I was previously downloading (and I've tried with multiple ones), it starts checking it to see what's already been downloaded, and locks up at 10.3%. Every time, 10.3%.

I've tried a few of the suggestions I've seen for other crash problems (disabling IPv6, unchecking UPnP and whatever is right next to it, I don't remember off the top of my head). Nothing has so far worked.

Anyone have any other ideas? My graphics drivers are all switched over from NVIDIA to ATI, I've uninstalled Flash cause someone elsewhere said that could be a problem, I'm not running any Firewall outside of Windows Firewall, I've been running AVG and uTorrent together for years without issues like this, and the only relatively new thing on my computer is Malwarebytes' Antimalware, but even with closing that the problem still happens.

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