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Torrent seeding question


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Ok fellows here is my problem I recently downloaded a torrent.It works fine downloaded quickly everything.I removed the torrent from my inside my torrent utorrent software.My question is how do I add it back without haveing to redownloaded.

In short I want the file to be able to seed to others but I removed it from my listing.I want to know how to get it back in my listing of files so that it can seeded.I still have the orginal downloaded and everything on my computer.

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Open the .torrent file in uTorrent

Click on the "..." button, set the download location to the file on your computer.

Make sure "Skip hash check" is unchecked.

Uncheck the files in the bottom box. This tells uTorrent not to download the file.

Click Ok.


Loading torrents in µTorrent

Loading a single torrent for seeding is simple enough provided you know the location of the .torrent and the files.

In µTorrent, click File > Add Torrent (no default save)

Browse your way to the .torrent file you wish to seed and select.

Browse your way to the folder where the files are located and select the folder.

The torrent should appear in the torrent window and load (you will see the % climb up as µTorrent checks the file).


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