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Having trouble getting RSS autodownload to work.


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I have had succcess using RSS feeds for auto downloads in the past but on this new feed I am using I just can't get it to work.

Even if I right click the file and 'add as favorite' and refresh the feed it still won't download.

Are some RSS feeds not setup to autodownload or should I be able to do it on any of them? I just feel that no matter how I name the filters I can't get it to work and it should be working when I 'add as favorite' right?

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Ok I found out I needed to enter the cookie id.

I am still having issues though

the file in the feed I want to filter for is formatted like this "sample.title.file.06.12.2011.sss.xvid-sss"

so there is no spaces and I can get the titles without spaces.

But if I wanted to download all things that start with the tile "sample." how do I get it to do this?

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