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Initial Fast Speed(maxed out connection), then 0-30 kbps.


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My results on speedtest.net are generally 6-8 mbps dl, and 0.3-.7 mbps ul.

On a recent torrent, it will max out my connection(300-800 kbps) for the first 50mb, after that the speed will usually drop to 0, then gradually work up to around 10-25 kbps. If I delete the torrent and the file, it will immediately repeat the same behavior. I.E Max connection for first 50mb then drop to minimal speeds. If I exit utorrent with the file intact and reload it, the problem of low speeds will persist.

I have utp disabled,and utorrent says that my port is forwarded correctly. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this/what is causing the problem?

I tried the same torrent on azerus also, and the same issue arose. I also tried the torrent on a windows xp machine and the same issue occurred. So it seems its probably a router or isp issue.

Also, I noticed when I check the peers I'm connected to, nearly uniformly their listed percentage is 2.2%, which is the exact percentage of torrent completion when my connection flatlines. I.E my conncetion going from 300-1 mbps to 0-20 will always occur when I hit 2.2%. Does anyone have any clue what is going on with that?

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