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Few noobie RSS autodownload questions.


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I am having trouble with filters and was wondering why some of these won't work.

1) How do I set multiple things that ALL must match for a filter?

ie filename - "the.cool.79.torrent.xvid-ppa"

so say for example I wanted to download something that needed to match the words "cool" and "torrent" along with the group name "ppa" - How do I do this?

I was trying filter: *cool**torrent**ppa* - is that wrong?>

i actually cannot even get it to download stricly when I put "*ppa*" as a filter, why is it acting as if group name I am entering isnt a part of the file name?

basically my file has a constant name with numbers in between but I only want a specific groups release. How should my filter look?

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