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Logger and Banned IP's


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I've done a few searches on this topic and I guess I'm not sure what I'm actually looking for?

I was having a lot of issues using uTorrent when I moved into my new place. Someone told me about using ipfilter.dat and how to use the logger in uTorrent. My bps jumped from 10k/s to 1M/s in most cases. (I live near a large rural highschool with a lot of mischievous ADHD computer geeks in training ;))

After turning on the logger I see uTorrent auto blocks IP's for failing consecutive hash checks, But the hash failure messages themselves don't record the IP address. My question is: Is there a part of the UI where you can set this detection threshold? Is there a list of who's blocked and how long they're blocked? and is there a whitelist somewhere? Or is there a way to log the IP of the offending hash failures?

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