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uTorrent slows down constantly


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when I start µTorrent, it uses the full bandwidth of my internet connection of about 400KB/s, but it slows down constantly to only a few KBs per second in about 20minutes. If I restart µTorrent then, It all starts with 400KB/s slowing down again. I have this problem for about a week but I didn't change anything in that time.

What I've already tried:

reduce Connectionnumber per torrent and so on to its half

checked portforwarding

updated utorrent

tried the utorrent beta

updated the webinterface from 0.370 to 0.382

checked internetspeed

8 torrents are running in download

4 torrents are seeding

seeding seems not to work at all.

what is wrong here?

what can I do?

*edit: Here is the graph:


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