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Initial speeds are high but slow to a crawl.


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When I open uTorrent my active downloads (that have a decent amount of peers) rocket up to ~150-300kb/s (which is good for me) but within 5 minutes lower down to <50kb/s

If I immediately exit uTorrent and launch it again the same thing happens so I'm pretty sure it's not a fickle amount of peers connected.

I'm also running PeerBlock, but exiting out of it doesn't seem to increase speeds.

Specs: Win XP, uTorrent 3.0 build 25377, DSL connection (...I think), 1Gb RAM.


Restarted µTorrent and my router

Tried lowering net.max_halfopen to 4 or lower

Tried lowering bt.connect_speed to 4 or lower

Tried disabling IP resolving in the Peers tab's context menu

Tried disabling DHT

Tried disabling UPnP and NAT-PMP

Tried disabling peer.resolve_country if it isn't already set to false

Tried lowering maximum global number of connections to 200, 100, 50

Tried disabling uTP

Tried patching TCPIP.sys

Tried testing Ubuntu

Tried enabling Protocol Encryption

Tried disabling bt.tcp_rate_control

Tried various uTP settings

Made sure peer.lazy_bitfield is enabled

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I solved my problem.

I set my Upload speed to 1 for downloading torrents, and my Download speed to 1 for uploading torrents.

(I try to make sure all my bandwidth is dedicated to what the torrent is doing.)

Apparently, it didn't like that, so setting the upload and download to unlimited made the torrents dl at a decent speed.

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